Iowa State University Faculty and Staff

Xianglan Bai

(515) 294-6886 | bxl9801@iastate.edu | Website

Research Interests: Thermochemical conversion of biomass (fast pyrolysis and solvolysis), utilization of waste materials, and biofuels and biobased products

Eric Cochran (ISU Site Director)

(515) 294-0625 | ecochran@iastate.edu | Website

Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous block copolymers and polymer nanocomposites for applications ranging from asphalt modification to adhesives to directed self-assembly for photolithographic masks

Nacu Hernandez
(515) 294-7642 | nacu23@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Research and development of biomaterials, mainly thermoplastic elastomers, from renewable resources
Shan Jiang
(515) 294-1445 | sjiang1@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Colloids and nanoparticles, surface and interface, coating materials, biodegradable polymers, and gene delivery
George Kraus
(515) 294-7794 | gakraus@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Organic synthesis, bio-agricultural chemistry, and toxicology
Buddhi Lamsal
(515) 294-8181 | lamsal@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Food processing and engineering, crops utilization and industrial value-addition via enzyme application, and fermentations, biobased products, engineering properties of food and structure-functional properties- proteins, polysaccharides, food rheology
Reza Montazami
(515) 294-8733 | reza@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Smart materials and structures, functional thin-films (energy harvesting, sensors and actuators), polymer-metal nanocomposites (green energy), nature-inspired soft microrobotic (biomedical devices and military applications), and MEMS and NEMS
Joey Talbert
(515) 294-7015 | jotalber@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Biocatalysts, nanobiotechnology, non-aqueous enzymology, green processing, and immobilized enzymes
Jean-Philippe Tessonnier
(515) 294-4595 | tesso@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Functional nanocarbons, electrosynthesis, bio-oil upgrading, CO2 Conversion
Chris Williams
(515) 294-4419 | rwilliam@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Asphalt materials characterization; asphalt design, performance and construction; asphalt rheology; and pavement design
Chunhui Xiang
(515) 294-7474 | chxiang@iastate.edu | Website
Research Interests: Modifying the properties of existing textile products with nanomaterials, i.e. nanofibers, nanoparticles