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Biodegradation of Bioplastic Plant Containers in Home Compost at Two Weeks

This video shows results during the first two weeks of biodegradation with over twenty types of bioplastic composites in a home composting system. This is the first in a short series of videos that will illustrate the biodegradability of these biorenewable polymers and composites in home compost. This research is part of a five-year bioplastic container cropping systems project led by CB2 faculty.


Additional videos in this series can be found on the Bioplastic Container Cropping Systems Research YouTube Channel

NPE2015 Wrap-up

A brief video highlighting the activities in CB2's booth at NPE2015.


Find more videos on CB2's YouTube Channel.

Pushing the Boundaries of Bioplastics in Iowa

Speakers include: Debi Durham, Director of Iowa Economic Development Authority, Brent Willett, Executive Director of Iowa's Cultivation Corridor, and Mike Crum, VP for Economic Development and Business Engagement at Iowa State University.


Find more videos on CB2's YouTube Channel.

Proposal Development Process

A four-minute video explaining how our proposals are developed and selected as well as its timeline.


Find more videos on CB2's YouTube Channel.

CB2 REU 2017 - What Our Students Say


A three-minute video of what our CB2 REU students say about their summer research experience at Iowa State University and at Washington State University.


Find more videos on CB2's YouTube Channel.

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