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Call for Proposals

The Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2) has announced a call for proposals for research projects to begin in 2019. Please see the key deadlines at the bottom of the page.


Proposal topics from Industry Advisory Board will be released to faculty on August 7, 2018. Proposal applications due September 14, 2018.

call for seed concepts

Submit seed concepts to the proposed new site at North Dakota State University.


Guidelines for Participation as an Investigator

The National Science Foundation Industry & University Cooperative Research Center program is a vehicle for encouraging formal, topical relationships between academic institutions and industry collaborators. Research projects that make a good fit to the program and to CB2:


  • Address any of the request for proposal topics from the Industry Advisory Board (IAB). (See attached proposal topics or "seed concepts" from IAB.)
  • Aim to solve an applied problem on an aspect of the bioplastics or biocomposites supply chain. Review CB2's research thrust areas »
  • May be of particular interest to one industry partner, but preferably of broader significance.
  • Build off collaborative projects you have had with potential members in the past.
  • Highlight the unique capabilities and expertise of affiliated faculty.
  • Offer precompetitive, but compelling solutions to difficulties the industry must overcome to advance.


Please note that the authors of the seed concepts are identified and PI's are highly encouraged to work with them in order to strengthn the proposal development process.


A select number of projects will be selected for podium presentations at the Fall meeting to be held November 13-14, 2018, at North Dakota State University. Faculty members can submit an unlimited number of proposals for project concepts. The format is an executive summary as listed on the website. The IAB will narrow the field to the most compelling projects from an industry standpoint. The CB2 call for proposals is open to all faculty members at the CB2 university sites. Collaborative projects with multiple faculty members and across campuses are encouraged.


The PI’s are required to attend the six month (location at Diageo in Plainfield, IL) and 12 month review meetings (tentatively at WSU) as well as submit progress reports at three and nine month periods into the research and have monthly conference calls with their selected mentors from the IAB.


Submission Instructions

To submit a proposal for the CB2 fall 2018 meeting, please complete the proposal application (view format online) and upload to this secure online portal by September 14, 2018 (midnight local time). The proposals will go through an initial ranking by the IAB to allow PI's to strengthen their proposals for a second submission. The initial ranking will be completed approximately four weeks after the September 14 deadline. A decision on which proposals will be selected for a presentation at the fall meeting will be announced in October 2018.


Funding per project should range from $40,000 to $60,000 of direct cost per year with a typical project duration of one year. Projects requiring more than one year of funding must submit new proposals for additional years. The original proposal may indicate that additional years are planned, but should only detail year one. Allowable costs include, but are not limited to the following: tuition, stipend, faculty salary, undergraduate salary, benefits, travel (international and domestic and should include one to two trips to the IAB meeting), materials, laboratory fees, and equipment. Please note, there are no indirect costs allowed in the project budgets. In addition, the budget should include $500 for (Research Experience for Undergraduates) REU travel. All funded projects will be assigned an REU student during the summer 2019 where applicable.

Deadlines in 2018

Monday, June 18

Request for proposal topics or "seed concepts" sent to Industry Advisory Board

Monday, July 9

Two rounds of LIFE form ranking of "seed concepts" completed by Industry Advisory Board

Tuesday, August 7

Proposal topics distributed to faculty members (See attached proposal topics from IAB)

Friday, September 14

Two-page proposals submission due, please upload to this secure online portal

Monday, September 17

Two-page proposals distributed to Industry Advisory Board

Friday, October 12

Votes from Industry Advisory Board for down-selection of top proposals due, IAB please vote here

Tuesday, October 16

Announcement to PI’s on final proposals selected for podium presentations

Monday, October 29

Final proposals due to Center Director and Coordinator

Tuesday-Wednesday, November 13-14

IAB fall meeting, location at North Dakota State University, for final selection of 2019 projects


Proposal Application Format
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Proposal Topics from IAB for 2019 Projects



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